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型号/Part No.: YK44B
料号/Number: YK44Bxx2xx00G

Please refer to the pdf file. The website drawing is for reference only. For details, please contact sales.

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安规类别/Safety category:cULus       /      TUV
额定电压/Voltage rating:300V        /      300V
额定电流/Current rating:20A          /      32A
绝缘耐电压/Insulation WithstandsVoltage:AC2000V/min
绝缘阻抗/Insularion Resistance:2000MΩ or More at DC500V
工作温度/Using Temperature Rang :-40℃ to +105℃
螺丝锁紧值/Screw Torque Value:12Lb-In     /    1.37N.m
适用线径/Suitable Electric Wire:AWG 22-12 / 0.34-4.0mm²
安全认证/Safety Approval:cULus        /    TUV